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John Buckley

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John Buckley

The Right Man for Vintage Rolex

In the world of watches, Rolex stands out for its excellence, precision, and prestige. In the world of Rolex, John Buckley stands out for his extraordinary expertise in the field of vintage watches and parts.

“John’s about the most current individual I know in the business,” says Ike Burstein, owner of Blue Stove Antiques, in Fair Haven, New Jersey. Ike’s business focuses on vintage and modern estate jewelry and watches – and he turns to John whenever questions about a Rolex arise.

There’s no such thing as a GIA, or any other grading agency, for watches. And with vintage luxury watches, you’re constantly confronted with questions concerning quality, condition, and authenticity.

What does all this mean? That when you’re dealing with vintage watches, you’re very much on your own. Which makes a man like John all the more indispensable.

In fact, John’s renown and respect in the Rolex world has resulted in quite an unusual honor: a particular Rolex dial (watch face) has become known as the Buckley dial.

This particular painted dial, offered from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s, had previously been unnamed and also rather unpopular.

Somehow, John’s online comments about the dial led to more and more aficionados referring to it by John’s name. What’s more, for some reason, since taking his name, the dial has soared in popularity!

John came to watches from the social work profession. Indeed, being extremely social in nature, he loves his current situation: His company, Tuscanyrose, is located in the very heart of New York City’s diamond and jewelry district, in a wide open mart that includes dozens of jewelry stalls.

“We all look out for each other here. The friendliness and connectedness and level of mutual help here is wonderful, and I love it,” exclaims John.

But, of course, it’s not only the environment, but also the Rolex watches he loves. “I’ve dealt with many luxury watch brands over the years. Somehow, though, Rolex carries with it a mark of distinction that other brands don’t seem to match,” he says.

“I know that the link to James Bond, Paul Newman, and Steve McQueen has a lot to do with it,” John continues, “but that certainly doesn’t fully explain the extent of the Rolex mystique.”

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